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March 20, 2024
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# 5 Why the Middle East could be the perfect place for your next healthcare venture. Kseniya Ponomareva.

Kseniya Ponomareva is the Business Development Manager at EMedSupport. EMedSupport helps physicians make evidence-based decisions to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and has offices in Cyprus and the UAE. Kseniya joined EMedSupport about a year ago after having had a career as a Product Manager at Sanofi.Kseniya moved to the UAE two years ...

January 09, 2024
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# 4 Why female health deserves much more of the spotlight. Lauren Barker.

Lauren Barker is the CEO of Uresta. Uresta is a Canadian female health organization that is looking to solve bladder leaks and urinary incontinence with an innovative health product. Lauren joined Uresta after having had a career in Investment Banking and Private Equity intrigued by positive impact Uresta could have on women’s health. Tune in to le...

December 11, 2023
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# 3 Why you should break all the rules of entrepreneurship. Nikhit Anilbhai and Sonakshi Senthil.

Nikhit Anilbhai and Sonakshi Senthil are the co-founders of Your Cue. Your Cue is a UK-based startup that came to fruition out of the COVID-19 pandemic after Nikhit experienced challenges with ensuring patient safety without consistent vital signs monitoring during work as a frontline physician when healthcare systems were at a breaking point. With...

November 20, 2023
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# 2 Solving the massive U.S. healthcare staffing shortage with clinical students. Eric Alvarez.

Eric Alvarez is the Founder and CEO of Grapefruit Health. Grapefruit Health is looking to relieve pressure caused by staffing shortages on the U.S. healthcare system by contracting clinical students to take over lower acuity work, improving patient outcomes.Eric shares what Grapefruit Health has been able to accomplish over the past year and a half...

September 05, 2023
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# 1 How patients and their caregivers can benefit from simplified, accessible data. Shannon Aylesworth.

Shannon Aylesworth is the Founder and CEO of Ursamin. Ursamin is looking to help patients suffering from chronic illnesses and their caregivers make better health decisions by improving access to easily-interpretable health data.We talk about the growing problem of chronic illnesses impacting the U.S. healthcare system, how we can collect and inter...

June 17, 202300:01:21980.64 KB

# 0 Welcome to Scalpels & Spreadsheets!

Welcome to Scalpels & Spreadsheets. This episode lays down my goals with this podcast.