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March 20, 202400:39:59

# 5 Why the Middle East is the perfect place for your next healthcare venture. Kseniya Ponomareva.

Kseniya Ponomareva is the Business Development Manager at EMedSupport. EMedSupport helps physicians make evidence-based decisions to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and has offices in Cyprus and the UAE. Kseniya joined EMedSupport about a year ago after having had a career a...

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Dr. Aman Desai

Dr. Aman Desai is a Medical Doctor turned strategy consultant with a unique combination of clinical expertise and business acumen. He has lived and worked in several regions around the globe, giving him a unique perspective on international business and contrasting healthcare systems in different countries.

Since graduating from the London Business School, Aman has brought his clinical experience, business acumen and international perspectives in his work across strategy, M&A and financial management primarily in the healthcare and life sciences industry in North America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

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