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S&S hosts socials to bring together founders, investors, operators and enthusiasts in the healthcare and life sciences industry.

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Scalpels & Spreadsheets shines a spotlight on the entrepreneurs, investors, and advisors behind global healthcare innovation through captivating podcast interviews.

June 17, 202400:49:01

# 6 How far wearable health data can take us to improve lives. Marco Benitez.

Marco Benitez is the CEO & Founder of ROOK. ROOK solves the challenge of wearable health data integration by providing its clients with clean and structured data sets through API. The implications are massive for insurance, digital health and pharmaceutical companies as ROOK enables t...

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Dr. Aman Desai

Dr. Aman Desai is a medical doctor turned strategy consultant turned entrepreneur with a unique combination of clinical expertise and business acumen. He has significant experience working with clients in the US, UK, EU4, Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Canadian healthcare systems, giving him a novel perspective on international business and global health delivery.

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