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Scalpels & Spreadsheets explores the latest in healthcare around the world through interviews with the self-starters and enablers of healthcare innovation.

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June 17, 202400:49:01

# 6 How far wearable health data can take us to improve lives. Marco Benitez.

Marco Benitez is the CEO & Founder of ROOK. ROOK solves the challenge of wearable health data integration by providing its clients with clean and structured data sets through API. The implications are massive for insurance, digital health and pharmaceutical companies as ROOK enables them to focus on generating value for their end-users. Tune in to hear about how ROOK is looking to improve predictive and preventative healthcare, how personalized health data can generate value for businesses and end-users, and how ROOK is gearing for long-term growth. Marco also reflects on experiences from his life that taught him the importance of persistence, discipline and creating a strong network that any entrepreneur can benefit from. Check out ROOK: Intro (0:00) Creating the second ven...

March 20, 202400:39:59

# 5 Why the Middle East is the perfect place for your next healthcare venture. Kseniya Ponomareva.

Kseniya Ponomareva is the Business Development Manager at EMedSupport. EMedSupport helps physicians make evidence-based decisions to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases and has offices in Cyprus and the UAE. Kseniya joined EMedSupport about a year ago after having had a career as a Product Manager at Sanofi. Kseniya moved to the UAE two years ago, and she shares her learnings about the scope of healthcare innovation across the Middle East, the pathways to seek regulatory approval for new or existing health innovations & technologies, and the best way for others to explore opportunities in the region as she did. Tune in to learn about how Kseniya has been able to navigate a career in the cardiovascular space to now working towards bringing evidence-based medicine to the Middle East an...

January 09, 202400:47:23

# 4 Why female health deserves much more of the spotlight. Lauren Barker.

Lauren Barker is the CEO of Uresta. Uresta is a Canadian female health organization that is looking to solve bladder leaks and urinary incontinence with an innovative health product. Lauren joined Uresta after having had a career in Investment Banking and Private Equity intrigued by positive impact Uresta could have on women’s health. Tune in to learn about Lauren’s journey into entrepreneurship and how she’s been able to create a go-to-market and organic growth strategy for a problem space that’s been considered taboo in the past. Lauren also talks about the need for Regulatory Consultants early on in a products development, the challenges of building and growing in the femtech space and how she has been able to lean on the entrepreneurial community in Canada for continuous learning. Chec...